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Celebrating the 5th Centenary of Our Holy Mother Saint Teresa's birth


Mother Marie Therese of Jesus, OCD

(Mary Therese Casey)

November 17, 1927-February 11, 2015


Mother Marie Therese of Jesus:

MARY THERESA CASEY, born in 1927, knew she was called to be a religious from the time she was in grammar school in Philadelphia. As she got older, she realized that she didn't want to teach or nurse, so she didn't know what to do with the feeling that God

was calling her. Finally, someone gave her a pamphlet about the Carmelite order and she finally understood what God's call to her would entail.

An article published in The Catholic Week describes Mother Marie Therese's reminiscences about her entry in the Carmelite order:

Her growing awareness of her vocation as a young girl of 18 was like a candle in her heart. She told her mother that all she wanted was to enter Carmel. She said, quite humbly, "While I had no great gifts of art or voice, I could wash dishes!" However, during her months as a postulant,

the nuns taught her many things and delighted in her cheerfulness and humility. Yet, she lived in dread that, "Any minute they might turn me away!" They never did. Her vocation proved to be rock-bottom solid and true to the bone; and upon her "clothing" she became Sister Marie Therese of Jesus.

Sister Marie Therese of Jesus came to Carmel in Mobile in 1946, three years after it had been founded.

Elected prioress several times over the years, Mother Marie Therese celebrated her Golden Jubilee with Mother Agnes of the Infant Jesus on October 1, 1997. An evening Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Oscar H. Lispcomb, with twelve other priests concelebrating, one of whom was Mother Marie Therese's brother, a Jesuit. The nuns sang parts of the Mass from their choir in the cloister, and the archbishop declared that "a Golden Jubilee is truly a cause for rejoicing."



According to an article by Grace Barrosse in The Catholic Week, Archbishop Lipscomb received the renewal of their profession of solemn vows as Carmelites. Once again, Mother Agnes and Mother Therese wore their "bridal wreaths of ivy and small yellow flowers—wreaths they had worn long ago as young nuns, when they made their first solemn vows and became 'brides of Christ': Afterward, family and friends visited in the "speak room" to rejoice with the two jubilant and radiant brides.


On April 19, 2007, Mother Marie Therese of Jesus observed her Diamond Jubilee in the Carmel of Mobile at a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Archbishop Lipscomb, who was also the homilist.

She spent the last six years in bed because of a bad fall that broke her leg.  She faced the possibility of death many times and was always calm about it.  During those six years she continued her life of prayer in her room, only leaving it for Mass on Sunday.

All she cared about at the end was to receive Holy Communion. Her life can be summed up in the words that hung on a sign above her bed, "The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want." Ps 23


The community says goodbye to Mother Marie Therese


CARMEL CONTINUES IN MOBILE----On March 16, 2010 the four remaining Carmelite's had to leave their monastery due to old age.  Now they live with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in their retirement community at the Convent of Mercy in West Mobile, Alabama.  We are happy to announce that all four of the retired nuns have now returned to the monastery.

On February 20, 2011 eight brave young nuns from the Carmelite Monastery in Nah Trang, Vietnam arrived in Mobile.  They volunteered to come to Mobile to continue the life prayer and sacrifice that the Carmelites have given to the Archdiocese of Mobile since four nuns arrived in Mobile from Philadelphia in 1943.

In an effort to support themselves by the work of their hands the Sisters are making vestments for Priests, Rosaries, and beautiful greeting cards.

A book is now available at the Visitation Gift Shop, The Portier House Gift Shop, and at the Monastery telling the story of the Carmelite Monastery from the foundation in 1943 to the renewal in 2011.  It is written by a well know Mobile author and very dear friend of Carmel, Mrs. Anna Bailey Crow.  If you would like to order any of the things the nuns are making just fill in the contact us information and we will be in touch with you.



 The community is pictured here with Mother Myriam from The Carmelite Monastery in Phu Cuong in Vietnam.